We could not be happier with our new home!  From foundation to fine details Doug delivered us a home that is totally functional yet absolutely beautiful.  We are still discovering some of the finer subtle details that were elegantly built into his design.  In fact, the house is so authentically built to similar style homes of the 1920’s that guests have trouble understanding how it could possibly be new construction.  We appreciate Douglas VanderHorn Architects for designing such a great house and for leading us through a fun building process.

David and Sheryl Sorbaro

My husband and I have worked with Doug on many projects, large and small, over the years. Doug handles all with vision, creativity and gracious good humor. From our Georgian Greenwich house to our Art Deco-inspired city place, we have been thrilled with Doug’s ability to work in multiple residential styles. We highly recommend Doug VanderHorn and only hope that we have many more opportunities to work with him again in the future.

Deborah and Chuck Royce

Douglas Vanderhorn Architects delivered on our dream home.  It was a joy to see their drawings come to life.  Their attention to proportion and flow makes their project a wonderful place to entertain and raise a family.  Doug and his team did a terrific job at managing our project throughout the process (from obtaining the permits to the final punch list).  They helped us navigate the wide range of decisions required.  We are so pleased with the end result!

Mary Beth and Justin Livengood

Doug brought fresh, creative and improved ideas to the table for my 1846 Greek Revival home renovation. He is easy to work with and very realistic in his suggestions.  I could not recommend him more highly!

Debbie Reynolds

Brilliant design Doug! From the scale to the floor plan program to the aesthetic beauty outside and inside. Tremendous quality in the visual design and materials.

New Waterfront Home Client

I would say that the most important quality in our working relationship was Doug VanderHorn’s ability to discuss and understand our vision.  He listened, discussed and interpreted that vision correctly, worked tirelessly to achieve the level of finish and detail which we demand, and always rose to the occasion to make those changes/deletions and additions as the architectural and building process unfolds. Working with Douglas VanderHorn Architects was a dream and a joy which we will miss…until I can find our next project!

Lucy Glasebrook

Having dealt with five different architects from building/remodeling homes from Santa Barbara, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Vail, CO, Guilford, CT and Greenwich, CT, I can truly say that I have never dealt with a more humanized, personable and talented architect than Doug VanderHorn. Doug listened to what we wanted and gave us that and more. He also was conscious of price and would get us the quality and workmanship we wanted to have at reasonable prices. With Doug and his creative team behind him, we were able to accomplish our latest dream home. Thank you Doug!

Helen Maher

Douglas VanderHorn Architects transformed our old estate home into truly one of the new ‘great estates of Greenwich’.  Their design aesthetics on every detail is superb.

Jeffrey Larsen

Douglas VanderHorn Architects took our somewhat incomplete ideas and turned them into a breathtaking exterior.  And then they designed the interior- a thing of beauty.

Daniel and Jennifer Gressel

Douglas VanderHorn is at the top of his field. His vision incorporates great precision, practicality, imagination and artistry in a way that is extraordinary. Doug can communicate his vision to contractor and client alike with the ultimate product - a masterpiece that delights the owner with unanticipated vignettes of interior and exterior beauty at every turn.  Douglas VanderHorn Architects is unparalleled in its assimilation of years of experience and professional knowledge with innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology.

Rob Fischetti

Doug VanderHorn is a truly talented architect and an absolute pleasure to work with. He has the ability to read his clients by translating their dreams and needs into not only a functional space, but a gorgeous one as well.

Cindy Rinfret

As a high end custom home builder I have worked with many of the most highly regarded Architects in CT & NY. Without pause, I feel inclined to say that Douglas VanderHorn Architects is one of the finest firms on the East Coast. Doug and his staff often go well beyond the traditional roll of architects. Plans and specifications are detailed and precise which helps solicit accurate subcontractor bids and greatly diminishes change orders. Doug’s passion and eye for traditional architecture gives rise to a timeless end product that stands apart from those that rely on trend. To anyone considering an architect, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not including Douglas VanderHorn Architects on your interview list.

Significant Homes LLC

We have known and worked with Doug VanderHorn for the past twenty years.  He has an extensive building background and knowledge, and is very hands-on with every project.  His drawings are extremely detailed and complete which only makes our job easier.  His firm is cordial and pleasant, and we enjoy working with all of his project architects.  We will continue our working relationship together for many more years to come…

Cornerstone Builders

Working with Doug and his team is an experience of the highest level of professionalism and perfectionism. They are thoughtful of your time and will always go above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. We have enjoyed working with Doug and his firm for 13 years now and look forward to many more.

Artistic Windows & Doors

We have known and worked with Douglas VanderHorn for 15+ years. We have found their designs to be excellent in every way. Working on a project with VanderHorn Architects ensures that the job will be run smoothly and efficiently. Their team is fully involved in each project from design to completion. Their attention to detail is impeccable in every way. They listen carefully to recommendations and suggestions, and work well with their subcontractors. We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them.

Innerspace Electronics, Inc.

As a custom millwork fabricator I have worked with Doug and his exceptional team from a single bathroom remodel to complete home installs.  His detailed yet realistic approach to architecture and his entire team’s accessibility make Douglas VanderHorn Architects projects some of the most desirable to be awarded in this area.

Greenfield Mill

I have consulted with Doug and his associates for almost 15 years and have enjoyed working with them on a number of projects during this time. I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that there is a certain level of pride I feel when the Marvin window products I represent are so elegantly featured in their residences.  Mr. VanderHorn has also been gracious with his time and expertise on design issues that pertain to architectural fenestration. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Doug and his staff in the future.

Dave LoCascio, A.W. Hastings & Co.

We have had a working relationship with Doug VanderHorn for 20 years. His attention to detail and architectural knowledge allow us to provide the customer with a superior level of craftsmanship. The drawings that come from his office are clear, concise and architecturally correct. Any questions and requests we have are answered promptly, enabling us to deliver and install our millwork in a timely fashion. It has always been a pleasure to work with Doug.

Doug Crane, Crane Woodworking

Davenport Contracting is always happy to work with the firm of Douglas VanderHorn Architects. Doug and his team have continuously provided outstanding architectural design services to both clients and to the contractor building the project.  Davenport has worked with Doug on a number of successful projects.  We have found the firm to take a very professional approach and always represents the client’s interest in providing the best solutions in the building process.  As builders of high-end projects, we are always happy to work on a team when the architecture is well thought out, exceptional and complete.  Douglas VanderHorn Architects is a fine example of these qualities.

Davenport Contracting

Encon has provided design-build HVAC services for many of the magnificent homes produced by Douglas VanderHorn over the past two decades. Doug and his team are true professionals that bring a combination of creativity and construction expertise to their projects. They are actively involved with many of the important construction details to ensure the overall quality and functionality of the home.  We are proud to be associated with Douglas VanderHorn Architects and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering the construction or renovation of a high-quality home.

Bill Valus, Encon HVAC

Douglas VanderHorn and his team are amazing to work with. They take pride in their craft of architecture and their work is done phenomenally; his projects are always completed in a timely and professional manner. Our company has enjoyed working with Doug for many years now and we look forward to working with him for many more to come.

Fordham Marble

As an architectural lighting designer specializing in high end residential work I am privileged to work on some of the areas finest homes with the finest architects. I rank Doug Vanderhorn and his firm amongst the very best in the industry. Doug’s firm produces beautifully detailed documentation, has great command over all subjects architectural and they are very, very easy (and professional) to work with. Every time I get the opportunity to work on a project with them I know my efforts will be respected and successfully integrated into a beautiful home for the client.

Gary Novasel, Patdo Light Studio

Douglas VanderHorn’s work displays a great sense of history, detail, imagination, and historical correctness while at the same time creating “a classic for our modern age.” He is as well versed in classical design as in modern technology and materials, and can deftly tackle a project of major significance. A gentleman, a team player and pleasure to work with. I would look no further than his office to create and deliver a “dream home.”

Shelley Morris, Shelley Morris Interiors