DOUGLAS VANDERHORN ARCHITECTS is a classically-focused architecture firm specializing in residential design. Drawing on an accomplished career spanning three-decades, Douglas VanderHorn creates each new home with inspiration from the rich architectural traditions of the past and seamlessly incorporates innovative building technologies, modern conveniences, and tailor-made features. His work has been recognized by award committees, peer groups and numerous publications, establishing a reputation for producing classic new homes, landscape features, and architectural interiors that are beautiful, practical, and congruous with their setting.

Douglas VanderHorn Architects comprises highly dedicated associates with specialties ranging from Classical architecture and historic preservation, to building science and sustainable design. In addition to in-house staff, the firm maintains a network of talented landscape architects, interior decorators, engineers, specialized consultants, contractors, craftsmen and artisans whose experience is called upon as required for each project.

While the firm has been involved with over 150 successful projects in various parts of the country, Douglas VanderHorn Architects continues to focus on opportunities to craft beautiful traditional residences in Connecticut and New York.