DOUGLAS VANDERHORN ARCHITECTS is dedicated to providing singular, elegant, and detailed residential design solutions. Projects range from traditionally inspired new project designs to historically sensitive additions and renovations. Douglas and his associates are devoted to design excellence, attention to detail, and a high level of personal service. A full range of architectural services include site selection and analysis, programming, coordinating regulatory agency approvals, schematic design, production of detailed construction drawings and specifications, bidding, negotiation, and contractor selection. Specialties include the following services:


Regulatory evaluation.
Site planning studies.
Civil engineering coordination.


Design new homes, additions and renovations as well as accessory buildings and architectural interiors specific to the clients program requirements, preferences, and budget.

Present schematic images to assist clients in visualizing their unique design using a combination of sketches, hand renderings, and advanced computer modeling techniques.

Execute comprehensive construction drawings and specifications to assure an accurate and competitive bid process.

Extend project support through the entire construction phase.


Determine suggested builders appropriate for the project’s requirements from a list of the region’s most capable and experienced general contractors.

Direct a thorough but concise process of obtaining construction proposals, mechanical proposals, window and door proposals, etc.

Analyze line item pricing spreadsheets as well as overall strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.


Offer practical advice on site selection and design opportunities for clients looking at properties on the market

Assist clients in determining a suitable design direction including house style, size, and program as well as green technologies, energy efficiency, and smart house controls.

Study site constraints and opportunities and evaluate site work needs with expert surveyors and civil engineers.

Supervise client applications for various state, local, and other regulatory agency approvals pertaining to site development.